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AirGraver Feedback  
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Hi Steve, Thought I’d show you the guitars I’ve done using your tools, fantastic products you make, and made these jobs much easier.  They took around 180 hours each.  
Gregory Goodwillie, UNITED KINGDOM
(click photo to enlarge)

Steve, These three pieces for a guitar are for your use in the feedback section.  Sure like that AirGraver!!   Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT 
 (click photos to enlarge)

Hello Mr. Lindsay,
First of all let me say Thank You for sharing such an outstanding tool. Second thing is I researched for two years all available tools for engraving and watched auctions and visited many forums. I noticed your tools never had any bad remarks of any kind and that they were impossible to find used. In short Mr. Lindsay you have exceeded all expectations and I'm very proud to own such a work of art. My money and time were both well invested in you and your products. Most of all I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and your tool for the rest of us out here. The forums are awesome and all the other Engravers out there are a lot of help too. Thanks a million!!!
Sincerely, Richard Horne Corinth, MS

Steve, Congratulations on your most excellent PalmControl product, I am happy to recommend your tools to my students and others. And I am glad I had a hand in getting Colt's to see what a wonderful engraving tool you make. George Spring - Colt Custom Shop Master Engraver - West Hartford CT

Steve; This past weekend I attended and carved HOBO NICKELS at a coin show.  This was the first time I brought my Lindsay Equipment with me.  I was joined by my friend and fellow nickel carver Joe Gallager.  Joe was so impressed with the stuff I got from you that he said he was going to purchase the same stuff I got.  Also,  You have no idea how much easier it is to carve my coins. 
Dave Boulay - Lewiston NY

Dear Steve,  Here is some of my work on fountain pens
Miroslav Makovička, Czech Republic (click to enlarge)

Steve. I received the Classic and I love it. Its a piece of work. It makes engraving extremely enjoyable and reduces a lot of the finger aches. Thank you very much Steve.

Gevork Gasparyan
Andranik Gasparyan

AGN Hand Engraving
Los  Angeles, CA
Click picture to enlarge.

Steve, Here is a sample of my work using your AirGraver hand piece. (click photos to enlarge)
Ken Hurst, Robersonville, NC


Hi Steve, I love the Lynton McKenzie book, but most of all I love my PalmControl AirGraver!! I purchased it last June, but haven't been able to use it until now. I can't tell you enough about how wonderful this tool is. I never had much luck with my gravers, I couldn't sharpen them properly, and was always worried that I would slip. I am amazed how easily and smoothly I can engrave, and how perfect it is! The sharpening system is also great. I finally have perfectly sharp tools with the correct angles! It has made me understand the process finally. Thank you for making these tools available!
Alice H Klein, Dagsboro DE

Steve, Here are pictures for your feedback section.  There are 87 pieces of iron inlay as well as the obvious gold, silver and copper.  I added some iron wire above this to bring the rock up around the feet of the fox. The shaping of the rock was mostly done with hammer and punch chasing the metal around...after carving out the grass.

Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT
Click progress pictures to enlarge.  Right most picture is completed.

I have concerns with engraving tools made of aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. The link of aluminum to Alzheimers is scary to me. I like that Lindsay's tools are stainless steel and therefore there is no concern with aluminum and my health. I also like that the Lindsay takes zero room on my bench, and I can operate it with a compressor or a CO2 tank which allows me to move from room to room or outdoors. The adjustable stroke collar on the tool is fantastic. I can go from bulino work to removing background with the same handpiece by adjusting the collar. Also, for a heavier or lighter feel, adjusting the small palm resistance screw in the handle will increase or decrease the palm resistance to where I like. I am glad I have graduated to a Lindsay! When will you?
Faye Stevenson ~ First graduate of Emporia State University, with a BFA in Engraving Arts

The Lindsay PalmControl is an extremely sensitive device very useful if you want to improve your engraving skills and make deep cuts look better and cleaner.  It is great even if you are trying to learn how to engrave.  As a matter of fact it will make you learn much faster. 
Dario Cortini, Bottega Incisioni Cesare Giovanelli, Italy

Steve, After a year of pretty heavy use, my Classic AirGraver is a Godsend. I use it every day for everything from stone setting and knocking investment out of platinum castings to fine engraving. I use it to remove watch pins, hammer inlays, burnish porosity, bead set, tighten loose stones, I've even used it to press jets out of and back into a carburetor.  By the way, that green sapphire ring I entered in that contest last Spring won first place in Lady's Fashion. I know I did a better job on it because of the AirGraver. Here's a couple of pictures of some inlay jobs I did in the last couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying doing inlay.  
David Phelps, Durham, NC


The Lindsay PalmControl is an extremely well-designed power graver. The workmanship is of a very high standard, as is possible to see from just a photo, but holding the tool in your hand confirms it. The adjustable controls of the tool are another key feature. The idle control allows the tool to start cutting when you want it to. The tool’s adjustable stroke length allows one to cut very fine bulino lines, but by rotating the adjustment ring and psi, these fine cuts turn into power chiseling for removing deep background for carved work and the like. As far as I'm concerned, the Lindsay PalmControl is worth every penny. 
Phil Coggan, England       (click for full review)

I have been engraving for over thirty years now, using hand gravers mainly, but also hammer & chisel. About 1 1/2 years ago I bought one of Steve Lindsay's palm control graver systems & it has changed my life. It is so nice to use, I started using it in conjunction with my other tools but, now I use it for 95% of my work. It has taken the strain out of my work. I don't get the neck & shoulder aches that I always got after a long days work & using the tungsten piston for heavier work you still get the power of a hammer & chisel when you need it.
The second thing that has changed my life is the Lindsay sharpening system. It is the easiest thing to sharpen a graver now. Before I bought these templates, I could spend hours sharpening my tools, only to have them break time & time again. One of the hardest things to do, when I was an apprentice was to learn to sharpen a graver properly. Now with this system I can sharpen a graver accurately every time, saving many hours of frustrating work. I would recommend both of these tools to anyone wanting to engrave.
Simon Lytton Hemel Hempstead, England

I have been very busy in my main line of work. I recently acquired a Palm Control and have grabbed bits of time to use it. I cannot believe the Absolute Fine control This Outstanding tool has ! Right from the get go, not even having time or experience using it ! I haven't changed any settings on it or tried the heavy piston yet. But I find that it has great power digging deep too. And Smooth ! The ability to go slow and careful to faster and deeper, smoothly through the whole power band. Its a DREAM machine ! And i haven't even explored the range of power and stroke settings possible with it. I am Truly impressed. I don't have to learn how to control it, it just does what its supposed to. Right from the tiniest start. This is important. There is no sudden , explosive take off or hesitation. Totally smooth and predictable. This has lifted a level of stress I didn't realize I had until I started using it. I have owned a lot of tools in my life. It's Simply the best tool I have ever owned. This is more than a tool , its a fine instrument. I can now focus on learning technique. Successfully beginning a cut is no longer a concern.  I am Humbly honored to have any association of any kind with this Historic and revolutionary tool. It is a brilliant design and invention. I have bought and used tools all my life, good tools. I've done a lot of things in my life, I make my living with my tools and equipment. The Lindsay Palm Control has impressed me beyond any tool I have ever owned.
Rick Woodward, Oxford, Indiana

Hello Steve, I thought I would let you know I finally was able to give the Classic a try. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said before, it's just a great tool. I have only worked with traditional push and chase engraving, but never really gained the confidence or feeling for the tools. This lead to a limited amount of time I spent using and or learning to use those tools. After using the Classic AirGraver for a couple of hours I find it hard to put down and do other things that I need to get done. When working on a practice plates I find myself wanting to hurry and finish so I can start another and try to make it better. The Classic has given me more feeling of control plus the advantage of being able to concentrate on that control. It cuts smooth with little effort on my part allowing me to focus my attention on the design and guide lines. Again thanks for a great tool that's enjoyable to work with. I really like using the AirGraver.
Ron Woods, El Reno, Oklahoma

Steve, your PalmControl is without a doubt the finest power assist tool I’ve ever used, and I’ve used them all. When you use the PalmControl you can fine tune it to achieve the finest detail.  When you first advertised the Palm Control in the FEGA newsletter where I read, “No more foot pedal”, that got my attention for what came to mind was its possible use by handicapped individuals. I am looking forward to using the Palm Control in demonstrations at up coming shows. The PalmControl will be incorporated into classes taught by me at my School of Artistic Engraving here in Manassas, VA.  Keep up the good work.
J.J. Roberts, Manassas, Virginia    Website

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to let you know that my new air graver is up and  running; and how pleasantly impressed I am with it! I have the further great fortune to be booked into 3 days of one-on-one instruction with Mike Dubber!
Life is good!  Thanks again.
David Glaser, Cincinnati, Ohio


I thought you would like to see some of the work I've done with your foot control Classic AirGraver.  I incorporated the owners initials into branches on the buckle. The background is 24K inlayed wire. All work was done with your tools.

I find your AirGraver to be highly responsive and capable of very delicate work. I can't wait to get a PalmControl.

Kurt Horvath, Fayetteville, TN



Hi Steve,
Just wanted to let you know that my new air graver is up and  running; and how pleasantly impressed I am with it! I have the further great fortune to be booked into 3 days of one-on-one instruction with Mike Dubber!
Life is good!  Thanks again.
David Glaser, Cincinnati, Ohio

I wanted to share my first portrait and wire inlay on the knife attached below - once I got toward the end I couldn't stop and worked most of one night finishing it.  All was done of course with your PalmControl Lindsay except for the Bulino work for which I used the titanium coated sewing machine needles I told you about.

Sam Marsh, Washington, NC






Hi Steve,
As a new engraver I find the assistance of the AirGraver with its ease of control and range of cuts to be of great value to my engraving. It is a piece of engineering art. Many thanks to you Steve for making me this brilliant engraving tool.
Jacques Herbst, South Africa       







I have finally sold the last of my GRS tools, and purchased a Lindsay Classic with the foot pedal control. I must say that I have been very impressed with the control, and smooth operation of the Classic. After letting a friend of mine try it out he also sold his GRS system for the Lindsay system. I am really enjoying this art of engraving with my New Classic.
John Kinney, Stevens Point, WI

Steve, I completed Ray's beginner's engraving class last week.  He's not only a talented artist and engraver, he's a wonderful instructor.  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes once I've had a few months to practice what I've learned so far.
Lex Rooker, Norwalk, CA

Steve, I love the PalmControl AirGraver! It's a beautiful instrument, both esthetically and functionally.
Raymond Feldman, Palo Alto, CA

Dear Steve,

I'm happy as a kid in Christmas time, I think I will sleep with my PalmControl AirGraver tonight. Don't worry I will remove the sharp carbalt point before and I'll try to keep it a secret so my girlfriend will not blame you for decreasing attention toward her.  The PalmControl is more than a refined masterpiece!!!!. Nothing else on the market works so fine. Thank you so much, from all of us engravers for developing such incredible tool which makes incomparable difference in achieving precision in the engraving world. For sure it will be major contributor to bring back this difficult disappearing art.

Because of these wonderful tools of yours, there will be more encouragement and more engravers in the future. The AirGraver tool is raising the standard for quality of work that I and other jewelers and engravers produce.
Stan Jarmolowicz


Click photos to enlarge

Steve, I enjoy the PalmControl immensely. From trying out EVERYTHING in the engraver tool world at FEGA, I found that the PalmControl does what it does better than other tools that do what it   If I can get away this summer, I want to take Barry Hands class in Montana. I hear he will teach you how to catch fish, engrave their likeness, then feed them to you. Then, on to four legged critters... That guy's a character.
Steve Herpolsheimer, Las Vegas, NV 

I started my engraving career through GRS, I took a few classes from them and purchased their equipment, I was satisfied. So when Steve came out with his new design, I was skeptical, I heard about all these supposable problems so I never give much thought to switching, but then I started hearing good things about it from people who had no alternate motives other than to share their opinion on the tools performance.  Being tired of constantly retuning my monarch handpiece to get the smoothness I need, I decided to try the AirGraver, because it requires no tuning.  Anyway, I asked Steve to send me a Classic AirGraver and as soon as I got it up and going, I knew why people where impressed, with in minutes my cutting improved, simply because the AirGraver gives you more control. I am really happy with it and I would recommend anybody who is still using the GMach to give the AirGraver an honest try, you will probably have the same experience I did.

Brian Hochstrat,    
Here is a practice plate I started the day I got the AirGraver, as I said before I instantly had more graver control.

Later knife engraving by Brian


Hey Steve, I just was thinking that I have not contacted you since receiving my "Classic" in October. The tool has performed flawlessly! I have a full time job up here and just surviving the Alaska winters takes some time and effort so I am not able to use it as much as I would like.  But I have probably got a hundred hours on it and love it! I was hoping to get to Reno to thank you in person again this year but it is not in the cards. So... Thanks! great product, beautiful tool, excellent quality and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Cheers! Barry Burger, Sitka, Alaska

Steve, I thought you might like to see the first practice plate. I really happy with the feel of the PalmControl hand piece and it's adjustability. It feels good in the hand, and is balance in the weight side to side.  The first plate is cold rolled steel, and a real technical challenge.  Just fun subject to engrave.
Jim Zimmerman


Click photo to enlarge

Hi Steve: Would of written sooner but I've been busy sharpening bits. Received the graver sharpening system yesterday and have been working with it ever since.  It is great!  All of my graver bits are extra sharp and ready to cut some steel.  Can't thank you enough sir.  This system is now an important part of my desk.
Lindell Nipper, Union, MO

A photo for your feedback page Steve. I continue to marvel at this little machine called an AirGraver! 
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, UT 
 (click photo to enlarge)


Your sharpening system is GREAT. I also got a diamond wheel in 180 grit off Ebay. I placed it on a 1/2 in mandrel and chucked it in an R8 collet on my variable speed mill. I made a height block to quickly set the tool. Works good for rough shaping, then the stones for a couple minutes and I'm in business. It's "blindfold" easy. I finally got the inkjet transfer thing down to a predictable science.
Steve Herpolsheimer, Las Vegas, NV

Steve: This is the first engraving that I did with your PalmControl Air Graver.  I have been engraving for over 50 years and my hand now starts to hurt when I do a lot of hand pushing. I have to limit myself to only about two hours or I will pay for it later with a lot of pain. Using your PalmControl I am able to engrave for eight hours with no pain. That is remarkable. Thank you for the tool, I love it.
John Schippers, Noblesville IN

Steve,  Just wanted to let you know that my new AirGraver is up and running; and how pleasantly impressed I am with it! I have the further great fortune to be booked into 3 days of one-on-one instruction with Mike Dubber! Life is good! Thanks again for all of your help figuring out what I needed.
Dave Glasser, Cincinnati, Ohio

The PalmControl works amazing, I'm loving it.  We need people like you Steve in order to make our jobs easier and fun at the same time.  I also received the Omano microscope, I loved it.   Actually it's more comfortable than the Meiji and also brighter.  As you said the is friendly too.
Jack Hagop, Glendale, CA

Hello all... So I have often been asked, as a goldsmith what do I get for Christmas( since jewelry is already taken care of or Ben's to busy to make it for me anyhow...) Santa came early this year in the form or a Steve Lindsay palmdriven Handpiece... I already used it today and it's amazing...

I'm attaching pics and I will be practicing like crazy this winter so if anyone needs any handengraving in the future, you'll know where to come:) Thanks Steve!
Happy holidays!

Silver Bonsai Gallery
Kathryn & Ben Stewart
Jewelry Artists, Owners

Hey Steve,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the PalmControl.  I have experimented with the short and longer strokes but not too much with the pressure.  Setting the pressure at about 35 psi as you suggested feels pretty darn good but I guess it would be worth the experience of messing with that a bit.
One question, when would you want to use the Tungsten piston?  I am really satisfied with the power of the tool with the stainless steel piston and have been wondering when I might need to bring in the  "heavy".
By the way, just a comment or too from the peanut gallery: I had read a lot of positive reviews about the PalmControl but they seemed a bit over the edge with enthusiasm.  That was the reason I waited until I attended Ray Cover's course to actually work with one of your AirGravers before committing a sizable chunk of change for your tool.  I am now one of the have done a remarkable job in designing the AirGraver,,,,.  I am one of your unpaid salespersons to anyone who pursues the art and gives me their ear.
Regards, Al Frisillo

Steve, I got my Classic today about lunch time and have been playing with it ever since I got everything hooked up! I love it! It is everything everyone has claimed it to be! Thanks for making such a wonderful tool!!  
Dan Grubaugh


Eight months since I started using your AirGraver and I have nothing but praise for the machine. I thought I might send a couple of photographs of my work for the site as examples of my work. I feel it has made me a much more competent engraver and has totally changed my work output as my old equipment made my hand tired and yours allows for less fatigue as well as much more control. Once again thanks.

Respectfully,  Scott Allred

Click photos to enlarge

The Lindsay AirGraver is the finest hand engraving tool I have ever used. It cuts smoothly and with great control - whether on deep scroll or delicate scenes. It is quiet and comfortable. It uses very little air. Also, I notice my gravers stay sharp far longer - especially the narrow gravers used for scenes and the tiny gravers used to undercut for inlays.
Bill Gamradt, Gamradt Gallery

That sharpened Carbalt that came with Classic is just plain amazing! I think you hear this a lot. But it is just incredible - I haven't sharpened it even once since I got it (2 weeks) and I've engraved almost any metal from copper to stainless and it just refuses to dull or break. Many-many hours already on that point. Have you used any special tricks as you sharpened it, or is the Carbalt itself just so durable and tough?
Viljo Marrandi, Jarvamaa Estonia

Got my new Airgraver on Friday last week. I finally had a chance to fool around with it and I must say it was worth the wait. I'm glad I got the tungsten piston, too. The very first job I did with the handpiece was to bezel set a big round stone. The dead blow piston worked great on the bezel. I am particularly happy with the way it stops dead when you back off on the pedal.

This tool is going to make my shading and light hairlines better. Any tool that will do the most delicate shading lines and then with a twist here and a twist there can bash in a bezel smoothly and effortlessly, without endangering a fragile stone, and leaving an almost polished surface is one cool piece of equipment, and is most worthy of a place in my shop. 
David Phelps ~  Precision Platinum, Durham, NC

The Lindsay PalmControl AirGraver is a truly unique advance of engineering. This product is a marvel of invention, and works flawlessly on the most delicate of engraved lines, and for deeper lines. All one needs is the slightest adjustment of palm pressure. I heartily endorse this remarkable instrument. Robert D. Swartley

The patented Lindsay PalmControl is by far the simplest, easiest to use engraving device ever made.
Barry Lee Hands

I just can't think of enough words to say my TOTAL SATISFACTION with Lindsay equipment!!! I am completely in AWE of this too!
Julie Warenski

The delicate touch and control of the Lindsay PalmControl AirGraver provides me with confidence to proceed with jobs where I probably would not have before.
Mike Dubber

"DITTO" to what has been said. I am enjoying the AirGraver more each day. It seems like I have been using the tool all my engraving life.
Sam Welch

At Browning I have taught people to engrave that wanted to learn the art and absolutely fell in love with the Lindsay AirGraver. Also, I have let non-engravers play with it and guess what, they starting cutting with no problem.
Rich Hambrook, Browning Arms Company

I have tried every engraving tool out there and by far my Lindsay AirGraver has improved my capacity to do fine shading and minute almost invisible accent cuts. This tool have made a better engraver out of me. I sometimes are chastised by my engraving friends about the number of shading cuts I make....that's just the way I do it. Most of the cuts might not be necessary but with the Lindsay Hand's fun to do. I feel much more confident with my shadowing and really have much more control.

Jim Small

As a full time engraver, using the PalmControl daily, I find the assistance of this tool to be of great value to my engraving... Remarkable controllability of even the most delicate of cuts.
J.C. Randel

The learning curve is much shorter with the Lindsay PalmControl and it makes jobs much easier.
Dave London

I have been using both the Lindsay Palm Control and Foot control for a couple of months. I was a GraverMax guy for 7 years at Browning and at my business at home. When I used both Lindsay's Palm control and foot control model I instantaneously fell in love. I bought both. No boxes, one hose, one little regulator, just awesome. Response time is unbelievable and guess what.........ADJUSTABLE!!!! I can change the stokes per minute with out even taking my eyes off my work. All of your controls are on the hand piece itself not on two boxes and tangle of hoses. What I really like is the ability to go up to 15,000 strokes per minute, yes I said 15,000 strokes per minute. It does make a huge difference with exhibition grade work. Also, the Lindsay looks like a beautiful, hand made machine. She purrs like a kitten but has the heart of a lion! If you haven't tried it ladies and gentlemen, it is a must. The Palm control puts a whole new level of excitement and control into engraving. UNBELIEVEABLE, JUST UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Steve, I don't need a razor blade to make this Hummer run do I? 
Best Regards, Rich Hambrook

Hi Steve, Here is the latest piece I just finished with the aid of my PalmControl Classic AirGraver. The engraving on this time piece as you can see is the size of a dime. As a full time engraver, using the PalmControl daily, I find the assistance of this tool to be of great value to my engraving... Remarkable controllability of even the most delicate of cuts. Thank you once again for making this technology available..  

J.C. Randell, Spokane Valley, WA 

Click photo to enlarge

Hi all and Steve,

I am from Hong Kong and I am new to engraving, I start learning engraving (self-learning, no course, no school here for engraving!!!) a month ago. I think my experience may give some idea for those those who are new to engraving.
I come across your website just a few weeks after I bought GRS's whole system for engraving. After visiting your wonderful website, I decided to order your palm control air graver.

Today I got your air graver, I go crazy! After the easy and simple connection, it take me only just 10-20 seconds to try the first few cut and examine the knobs, this tools seems already become part of my hand, I can control it easily, not matter it is by push or by squeeze it to start the cut, I can cut very fine and very deep cut in one action, I can stop and start again whenever I want. The straight line that I practice is more straight, the curve line is far more smooth, the beauty stem can have more variation. The graver can dancing in my hand by following the rhythm of my heart. I am so happy with it and I hold the graver in my hand for a long time. I use it for many hours without feeling fatigue with my hand. Just don't want to put it down. This air graver not only functions very well with your clever design but also with a very beautiful appearance. The warm and elegance burl handle together with the high quality machining of the steel parts, makes the graver itself is a piece of art and also a small engine in my hand. I am a product designer and I cannot find any negative comments for your perfect airgraver.

Below is a photo of the first letter engraving by using your palm control airgraver. It is not good and I would like to any of your comments. It's a long long road for me to learn.
Zernike Au

I find the PalmControl AirGraver to be exactly like hand/push engraving in the way it operates, but with added advantages. I started quite a few years ago as a palm push engraver, so getting rid of the foot control does bring one back to the beginning so to speak.  I now have the freedom of sitting in whatever position I feel like, or standing, or taking it outside for that matter.  I engrave primarily on stainless steel and 18k golds, although a lot of my work is on other materials. Within 3 days of heavy use of the Lindsay tool, suffice it to say I was quite impressed. I never turned back and sold my past equipment along with 1/2 dozen hand pieces in short order. I was simply that impressed.

The new technology of the Lindsay tool has revolutionized the power assisted engraving market. I find that the absolute control of the cuts done with a palm control to be very helpful in the work that I do now. My stress level is greatly reduced from the old palm push method. From extremely delicate cuts to "chipping out the driveway", the tool performs flawlessly.  Another advantage I like is the ability to set the idle so to give you the ability to cut lines of equal depth, regardless of fine or heavy. Simply by changing out the hammers one can go from extremely light to heavy engraving. No extra hand pieces are required to accomplish this. A further note here, {with the fully adjustable stroke ring on the Lindsay hand piece from light blows to heavy blows gives one the total range of power required for most engraving purposes using the supplied stainless hammer.} A tungsten hammer is available for the "driveway" (carvers) type of engraving. One has all the power options one could want in one single hand piece.  
Click to enlarge picture of the very small watch engraving tutorial executed by JC Randell with the PalmControl. 
I am extremely happy with the performance of this tool to aid my engraving skills…and a hearty thank you Steve for making this revolutionary technology available.
J.C. Randell, Spokane Valley, WA 

Steve, Unlike other power engraving tools that require a separate power unit and a foot pedal, this unique PalmControl device generates infinite graduation of power levels, all within the hand-held palm engraver itself. It is a truly unique advance of engineering. This product is a marvel of invention, and works flawlessly on the most delicate of engraved lines, and for deeper lines. All one needs is the slightest adjustment of palm pressure.
I heartily endorse this remarkable instrument.

Robert D. Swartley,
Napa California

The palm graver is the best there is. It will save you money in the long run. If you buy anything less you will end up trading your way to one of these. If you click on the AirGraver feedback at the top of the page and read all the endorsements and the names of those people, it gives you an indication of how good it is.  
Andrew Biggs, Canterbury, New Zealand

Steve, I picked up a 20oz CO2 bottle at our local paint ball store this morning for my new PalmControl. I could feel no discernible difference in the operation between the CO2 and compressed air. In fact, I just finished my "job of the day" under CO2 power. The job, sent to me by a jewelry store, was a little pocket knife, about 3" long, clad with 10 gold over a wood or base, these antique pieces have been around for a long time. The gold scabbards were decoratively stamped and approximately 28 gauge thick with an open/engravable diamond shape abut 10mm X 10mm in the center - I imagined it would be like engraving on tin foil, and it was! The center diamond areas had been hand engraved many years ago, three initials on each side. The owner wanted the initials removed from one side and scroll engraved, and the initials removed and replaced with different ones on the other. I could not burnish the original letters away because the gold was so thin it flexed when you touched it - and polishing out was out of the question. I should have sent it back, but I carefully selected the sides to be restyed as per the instructions and developed a tiny scroll pattern out of the initials on one side and strategically "adjusted" the original letters on the opposite side into three new initials. The delicate touch and feel and control of your PalmControl AirGraver provided me with newly found confidence to proceed with this job where I probably would not have before.  
Mike Dubber, Evansville, IN

Steve, All I can think to say is "DITTO" to what has been said on this feedback page.  I am enjoying the AirGraver more each day.   It seems like I have been using the tool all my engraving life...I am that used to it already.
Sam Welch,
Castle Valley, Utah

Left photo: Farquharson s/s engraving by Sam Welch.  Click photo to enlarge.


Steve, Received the palm air-graver yesterday afternoon! It is wonderful!  It is next to magical. Like all of your tools, it is finely made and works flawlessly. The tool works just as I had dreamed it might. Thank you.  Mark Drain

Steve - Here is a composite photo of the first knife I have engraved (416 stainless)  using your Classic Air Graver and my first attempt at doing a stippled figure.  I have done a great deal of practice engraving with the Classic and your 120 degree patented graver grind on just about every type of metal I can find in the shop -- aluminum, brass, high carbon steel, low carbon steel, CP2 and 6AL4V titanium along with 154CM, 440C, and 416 stainless - it rips through these metals with ease and speed.   I am amazed at how it and the 120 graver cuts, from fine line shading to deep cuts - it is a wonder.  Often I go to the shop just to relax by doing practice engravings, it's that much fun to use.  To anyone looking for pneumatic engraving tool my advice is to take a very close look at the Air Graver it is all that people say it is and more.  
Fred Carter                             (Click picture to enlarge)


My new PalmControl Air Graver has served me well during the Christmas rush.  I must have cut 5,000 letters, monograms and associated decorative scrolls and borders over the past month....everything from large signet rings to delicate hollow pieces like bangle bracelets and lockets that were the thickness of foil - to delicate antique watch cases, and more.  I've made the transition from foot power to PalmPower and now find it to be entirely natural with absolute control - I no longer have the subconscious need to press the pedal!
Mike Dubber, Evansville, IN

Steve, I just can't think of enough words to say my TOTAL SATISFACTION with your equipment!!!   I am completely in AWE of this too!
Thank you so much.
Julie Warenski   Warenski Engraving













Steve...  I finally got to give the PalmControl a whirl.  I did a single scroll, two leaves, then ran for my computer.  Wow! WOW! My very first attempt to cut produced the best lines that I had ever done. The sensitivity, intuitive feel, and fine control, produced a cut that far exceeded anything I had done previously by hand. And this was my very first use. The PalmControl Airgraver is a piece of art, that in turn, creates art.  I have found over the years that the very best tools are created by those that in turn, use them. The Airgraver is at the very top. As I mentioned in another post on the Forum site, the limiting factor that I now see is in my own artistic interpretation, not the mechanics of engraving.  I look forward to years of engraving with this fine tool. And BTW, your patented point works incredibly well, far exceeding anything I have tried before. Once again, thanks.
Kurt Bjorn
Note: Kurt has designed and built complex miniature engines, from steam to gas turbine.

Steve, I'm extremely impressed at the ease of control afforded by your handpiece and the supplied regulator allows small incremental control not allowed by the equipment I used in the past. Also it is much more quiet than I expected, I can't really say enough about this machine. Your way of sharpening your gravers is also a revelation. No more Dragging the heel when I want a tight curve whereas with the old gravers I had to stand the handpiece on end and slowly "tiptoe" the graver as I dabbed the throttle. All in all I am very impressed. 
Scott Allred

The PalmControl works great!  Doesn’t take long to switch over from the old techniques.  I really like the ‘Lindsay Point’ on the graver.  Nice and clean cutting.
Jim DeMunck

I really like the palm control.  It is like I’m engraving what I’m thinking without the tool being there….  Very cool. The hand piece is working great. It’s so much better than I ever even expected. Much of what I do is not confined to a small area on the top of the vise (car parts, bells, flashlights, motorcycle parts). I move around a lot on these big parts when I engrave. The arc for a scroll can literally swing in an 18” circle. It’s nice not to have to worry about the calisthenics of “find the foot pedal” =). I also can’t wait to see what your new sharpening system looks like. I have been having so much fun between the new hand piece and your pre-sharpened graver that you sent. So far it has done 4 corvette spinners, 2 antique brass head lamp buckets and the end caps of 6 mag-lite flashlights w/ monograms.  Tira Mitchell

I just received my PALM CONTROL UNIT and really liked how it felt. Has just the right "weight" to it.  Falls readily to hand and after hooking everything up, just easy to use! Goes where it is wanted at the speed required - just by a gentle push (which is adjustable).  What a "sweet" unit! My other system definitely feels clumsy after just 1 minute with yours - Yup 1 minute is all it took to say WOW, this is really nice! I actually like cutting with this unit (actually, using the unit)!

The difference between Steve’s and the others is not just in price or a perceived improvement – but an actual hold it in your hand and sense the difference. It’s like driving a top-of-the-line Chevy, then a top of the line Mercedes, then a Rolls. If you prefer speed, then think Ferrari – as you can crank up the power and go faster, but you’d better be a good driver, because it’s going to do exactly what you want it to – right now!  So, you can have finesse and/or speed – and switch between the two in seconds. Each is quite capable of providing a level of sophistication but as you move up the sophistication changes – it isn’t the increase in cost, it’s what that increase of cost buys you, that’s where Steve’s Palm Control Unit makes a significant difference. Changing from a “normal” cut to a very light cut means, put thumb and fore-finger on barrel, twist, put hand down and cut – Takes as much time to do as to read it.  And if a “hack” like me can see and feel the difference you’ll just be amazed. You’ll also be amazed that a tool this compact can have so many “useful” adjustments to tailor it to your liking.
Danny Comsa

Hi Steve,  I am sending you the picture of the knife that Bertil Aasland had started and I finished it because he passed away.  It was not easy to continue, because Bertil made such a good job on it.  The PalmControl AirGraver is just perfect!

Have a beautiful summer
Lucie Krulickova, Czech Republic

The control and range of strokes of the AirGraver gives smoother cuts without burs and I believe is responsible for far less graver point breakage. I have tried many graver steels and carbides and have always had to stop and resharpen my gravers far too often. With the AirGraver I don't nearly as often. The ease and control for cutting super fine lines is remarkable. I truly think these little gems are the Rolls Royce of hand engraving tools.

I have done a lot of engraving since the mid 80s with the other old power hand tools and have gotten used to their feel only because this is all that has been available to the public. For really fine delicate shading lines the AirGraver has far and away the nicest size, feel and complete control.

I wish to Personally thank Steve for sharing these fantastic tools with us as they have honestly improved my engraving quite alot and are truly enjoyable to use as they just purr in the hand. There is no jerkiness in changing speeds pressing further on the foot pedal. If you want the finest engraving tools being made today, these are it.
Again the power and control of Lindsay AirGravers is simply amazing.

Tim Herman, Engraver/Knifemaker  
Tim Herman is known for color engraving that he developed.


Steve...All done with the Chasing AirGraver.  Awesome tool Steve.   Regards, Rick Simmons

Hey Steve,   Here is a shot of the shifter knob (pistol knob) for my Model A in case you can use it on your feedback page.  Sam Welch


Steve, These are my last engravings in print done with your Airgraver. I hope you like them. As you see, hand engraving has still many possible applications to discover, mainly on the art field. I've just finished my new art-engraving shop. Soon, very soon, artists from Barcelona will start knowing about your Airgraver. Jordi Solé, Barcelona Spain


Steve, Here are recent photos of a pocket watch case I made.   The watch has a genealogy chart going back seven generations engraved in 3 point Roman fonts with about 300 letters.   I sure am enjoying the speed at which I can engrave now with your AirGraver.  James Roettger, Minneapolis, MN
Click to enlarge


Steve,  Here is another project engraved with the AirGraver. Sam Welch 
Click to enlarge

Since receiving my AirGravers a year ago I've engraved five shotguns, six bolt action rifles and various smaller projects.  My old equipment is up on the shelf collecting dust.  Shaun A. Banks, United Kingdom

Knife forum feedback concerning the Lindsay patented graver point.
"What Steve has that is unique and new to the graver world is the graver with a different relationship of the relief heel to the primary heel. The primary heel is cut so that it creates a parallel line to the relief heel, somewhat akin to a “flat graver” on both sides. This is something new to me, and to the engraving world as a whole, as evidenced by the patent. While I have yet to sit down and grind out one of these, given the examples I have seen on the internet and a few cuts of my own with it at Steve’s display, I think it will become a necessary part of my graver arsenal." 
Scott Pilkington  

Steve, Here is a photo of some recent work that was made possible for me with your AirGraver.  These are inlaid with .5 mm 22k rose gold wire in platinum.  I was pleased that the platinum held it's edge as I beat the wire into it.  I tack soldered the wires at the ends to prevent them from ever lifting out during wear.  I never would have attempted this pushing by hand.  James Roettger, Minneapolis, MN

Steve, It occurred to me that I am in the fourth year of using the classic. That's about 9000 hours of service and it still works as well as it did the first time I hooked it up. The only things I have done is replace the o-rings and the setscrews and clean it once every couple of months. Amazing. Last week I engraved nineteen sterling trays for a major corporation over a two day period.  About two thousand roman letters without the points of my gravers breaking once or needing any repairs due to slipping.  In fact I haven't had to replace or repair any merchandise due to point breakage since I left traditional gravers behind. The points of tools still break although much less frequently, but they kind of dance in place instead of skidding across the metal. Some minor burnishing is all I've had to do. I am constantly in awe of the amount of control I have. On Saturday I engraved the backs of three different stainless steel Rolex watches using combinations of liners, square gravers and flat tools with no problems. he thing that impresses me the most is the amount of control I have with the smallest lettering. With the microscope I can engrave incredibly small inscriptions with the same control as larger lettering. After four years of constant use I can say, without hesitation, that a jewelry engraver who thinks he can engrave as well with traditional tools as he can with an airgraver is just plain deceiving himself.  Allan Binder, Smyth Jewelers, Timonium Maryland  engraver(at)comcast(dot)net

Hi Steve,  Your PalmControl AirGraver is like going from the stone age to the space age in one step. The ease of use, the flexibility and the portability are simply incredible. It is not only excellently engineered it is also a work art itself. The freedom to choose to engrave at any location, without worrying about bring an air compressor or electrical connectivity is a definite plus. The PalmControl allows me the maximum control from the most delicate design to deep relief and then to the depth and detail of sculpturing. This tool is truly a revolutionary advancement.  Thank you, Mike Morgan, Dixon, CA

Steve, Here are pictures of my personal ring I just finished, a 14K gold Roping Saddle ring.  I am fortunate to work with some of the best tools in the USA and around the world, but nothing compares to the AirGraver.  The more I use it the more it blows my mind. 
Thanks so much, 
Joe Cera


I Love my airgraver! It has allowed me to increase both speed and quality of britecutting. That is a win win situation. I would highly recommend this tool. I use it daily and can't imagine working without it. The airgraver has paid for itself many times over.
Jason Fiedler
Sartor Hamann Jewelry

Click images to enlarge

Hello Steve, I purchased a Classic engraver from you a while ago. There are No Words, to really Describe the Versatility of this little Wonder.!!  I Modified one of the carbalt points to a needle, and are now using this engraver for my scrimshaw Work as well, What A pleasure, the needle adjustment gives the finest degree of Control that cannot be Imagined, it has really taken my scrimshaw to a higher lever of professionalism, and fast!! I used to use a Tattoo Machine that I modified, but this now will collect dust.!!
Sharp Regards,
Chris Booysen, Gauteng, South Africa

Steve, Your tool is tops, the adjustability is totally unlimited.  It is amazing that something like this even exists.  I wouldn't trade it for a Cadillac.  The more I use it, the easier it gets.  I wish I had this years ago.  
Here is a practice plate I did to see what it would look like on a 1911 that I plan to engrave later.  I used your grind & bright polished the heel.
John Pilkington, Jacksonville, NC  

Steve, After using your Classic AirGraver for the past three weeks I am convinced the control is much better then any other hand piece I have used.  You can add me to your fan club.  Keep up the good work. 
Yours Truly,
J.J. Roberts

Steve, Here's some pics of jewelry I made using the AirGraver.  I just finished a pave piece last night. It has nine 7pt. diamonds, for a Platinum Tie Tack. Used the modified square graver to raise the beads but could have used a 52 round graver as well. The AirGraver makes it effortless to Pave, Channel, and engrave jewelry. This is a dream come true over the previous setup I was using! 
Steve Shepherd, Rancho Mirage, California


Dear Steve,  Last week Tina Chisena was up here and she brought her beloved PalmControl AirGraver along to share. I've only had a few hours of actual engraving time with a different tool under Brian Marshall's tutorial eyeball. But when I settled down at my bench with your PalmControl and a #7 Optivisor, I was reminded in a very profound way what tool "transparency" really means: the tool is so effortlessly integrated into your hand and mind that there is nearly perfect flow from your will into the world.

That said, this is my first ever engraving [that wasn't a set of practice lines to learn graver geometry and sharpening]. The dragon was drawn in my notebook from a photo of a late 19th century iron and gold platter. I scanned the page, reduced the image slightly, and transferred
it with dressmaker's pattern wax to a 3" x 3" 18g sheet of pure iron. Then I started cutting.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Sincerely, and with the greatest respect for your work,
Anne Hollerbach


I have put my new Classic through the works, and wish to be articulate enough to put in words my appreciation for this tool. It has improved my ability by simply having more control.  Of course now with perfect hindsight, I should have owned one of these years ago.  Promise to sing praises to anyone who engraves.  
Russell Yates, Rotan TX

Steve, Hope all is well and hope you're not too swamped with the engraving life! I'm still using the Chasing and probably have about 450 hours on it now. Not a single problem with it.  One of the most satisfying pieces of equipment I have ever bought.
Bruce Mumford, Camas WA

Steve, I find the Classic AirGraver to be just the ticket for the work that I do.   Sam Welch,  Castle Valley, UT 

Well I received the PalmControl handpiece.  Everything is perfect...Beyond perfect!!  Completely and totally
amazing...What a work of art!!!  Steve you're a hell of a guy, I wonder what is next on your brain?? Anyone that doesn't purchase one of these PalmControls is someone that is really missing out.  I sincerely appreciate everything and the velcro strap you made for me works perfect.
GDee Milligan, Datil New Mexico

Steve,  I am very impressed with the quality of the AirGraver. Of course I wouldn't expect less from an artist with your skill.  I tried the heavier work, as you suggested, and it performed as well on that as it did on the finest work.  Thanks again, and if there is anyway I can help you I will, as I think we should support the ones that sacrifice to offer quality to their fellow man.  After all, how can we better serve than to give the best we have to give at our own sacrifice.  I truly believe that this is a worthy pursuit and I will try to maintain it.  This philosophy has cost me dearly however, and I am sure that it has cost you too, but as I said, how better can you love your fellow man?
Ron Smith, Fort Worth Texas 

Steve, This AirGraver cuts stainless steel like butter.  Here is a Kious and Osborne folder I engraved not long ago. I used the Chasing AirGraver for both jobs.  I left the cuts bright.  Lucie Krulickova drew the designs. 
Bertil Aasland,  Anthem Arizona

Click on images for enlargement

Steve, Thanks for making such a great tool.  After two weeks I can't imagine working without it.  It truly has been a transformative experience having it. 
With gratitude and admiration, Thanks
James Roettger, Minneapolis, Minnesota


I just received my new ”PalmControl” handle attached to my Lindsay “Classic” engraver.  As always, in purchasing a fine piece of equipment from Steve Lindsay, it was all set to engrave. I spent about fifteen minutes installing the control and I was engraving.

It is hard to describe the feeling of hand engraving like I was taught in college many years ago without power. With power gravers, we always want to push the graver though the metal even though we are told to let the tool do the pushing. The “PalmControl” is different in this respect, in that you push the graver though the cut and it helps you with power.  It uses the hand pressure we have been using all along to hold a graver in the cut with the foot pedal models.  No pedal to take your mind off the cut. You have complete control over the speed you would like to engrave at and the amount of depth of cut you desire. I have found that my bright cuts are smoother and I really believe that I am engraving faster.

I work in Western engraving. The wriggle engraving cut is easy to do and liners slide though to create a beautiful pattern.   Click above image to enlarge

This is a remarkable piece of equipment, but of course it comes from Steve, and you would expect nothing but the best. Thanks Steve, Take care,
Jack Gohn, Lee-Joyce Designs, Billings, Montana

Steve, this engraving has been completely done with your Chasing AirGraver. I've always liked painting and drawing women in a quiet and calmed attitude, and this engraving is a sample of my work as an artist, as well. I didn't use any transferring method, just drawing on the metal, copying the main idea from one of J.W.Waterhouse's paintings. I have preference for banknote style, certainly, but I have used some bulino here, as well. Your Airgraver is great for avoiding slips and for the finest lines. Jordi Solé, Spain

Please click for enlargements

Hi..Steve. What can l say !! Your airgravers are absolutely fantastic !! even better than when l tried them in Reno. They are great to hold an absolute joy to use. l sometimes find myself just looking at them in my hand almost spellbound, and then smiling to myself that I've actually got them in front of me and using them on a piece of work, l did my first bit of gold inlay yesterday with the 'classic' the power and flexibility from it, to hammer in the gold was just great, when l think l had to use two tools before, what a time saver? Your airgravers are now the only one's for me Steve !! Everything else has just been made redundant. You are to be congratulated and applauded on the quality of manufacture, design and shear beauty of these tool !!
Best regards
Shaun Banks, United Kingdom

Hi Steve, I love this tool so much and it is soooo trouble free that I haven't looked at your web site for two years or more. As a life long steel die and copper plate engraver, I shutter to think of how easy my working life would have been if only we had had your tool. Now, handicapped by a stroke which left my right side partially paralyzed engraving was impossible until I found your tool. words can not express my appreciation.

Anyone using traditional methods hasn't any idea just how wonderful and helpful your invention really is. I feel it brings the age old tradition of decorating metal with art into the space age with the most advanced system since the hammer and burin.
Don Hill,  Springfield, Missouri

Steve, The three of us at Smyth Jewelers now have five AirGravers between us and we use them for absolutely everything. The other day I figured that I've used the  Classic about 6500 hours in the two years I've owned it and it still runs as good as the day I took it out of the pouch. The AirGravers give us maximum control engraving inside rings and on curved surfaces. And since we've been using them we have cut down to almost zero the amount of time spent repairing items due to slips. 

We are considering adding an AirGraver with the PalmControl handle to the shop for the bench jewelers to use since it can be used by more than one jeweler to use when bright cutting during setting. The PalmControl is a natural for setters who put a lot of pressure into the handle for bright cutting.  And no foot pedal to move, just hand the Lindsay back and forth between the benches. This is perfect for shops with jewelers who sit side by side at separate benches.

Allan Binder, Smyth Jewelers, Timonium Maryland
Smyth Jewelers is the country's largest single jewelry store by size, second by sales volume, and have three in-house hand engravers plus two more that work pretty much exclusively.

Steve, I received my "CLASSIC' engraver a few days ago and it is beautiful.  I truly believe I've never in my sixty years on this old earth seen a more precise and yet small wonder. I know this will make work more acceptable and enjoyable.   Curtis Stewart

Steve,  I finished this one a few days back.  I used only the small chasing AirGraver handpiece.  I just love this tool.  Bertil Aasland,  Anthem Arizona 


 Click image to enlarge


Steve, This tool have made a better engraver out of me.  I feel much more confident with my shadowing and really have much more control.  Every time I use it, I get better and have more control of my lines.  Here are two projects engraved with the Lindsay Graver.  Thanks for making one fine tool.
Jim Small,  Madison Georgia    Click to enlarge


Steve, I engraved these various pieces using the Chasing AirGraver handpiece.  It is just a pleasure to engrave with your AirGraver tool.  It has given me such good control of the engraving cuts.
Bertil Aasland,  Anthem Arizona     Click on images to enlarge

Scroll designed by Lucie Krulickova
Engraved by Bertil Aasland

Scroll designed by Lucie Krulickova
Engraved by Bertil Aasland

G'Day,  Steve, I have worked with tools all my life and it is fair to say I have never come across a tool that combines such simplicity and ability as this one. It cuts metal with amazing ease and control. As an amateur with no previous experience I was able to do simple work with very little practice. I enclose a photo of a brass clock dial and name plate for your criticism.  The engraving has been filled and the dial silvered in the traditional way. As you can see it is by no means perfect, especially the lettering, but it would still stand beside many 18th century originals.

Dave Kyle, Esperance Australia

Click photo for enlargement


Steve, I am sending you pictures my work engraved with the AirGraver. Engraving with the AirGraver is very relaxing and enjoyable.  It has helped me to eliminate slipping. 
(click to enlarge pictures)

Lucie Krulickova, Czech Republic

Lucie is an amazing artist.  She has learned traditional hand engraving in copper and steel plate and is now using an AirGraver.   Below is a wonderful example of the talent she has by engraving a large copper plate measuring 2 feet by 20 inches of a 1804 World Map.  She engraved all of this map by palm pushing.  In addition she has engraved several more maps and smaller copper engraving that are all used for printing.   Lucie's webs site is at

Steve, I just had to write you this letter telling you again, how much I enjoy engraving with your AirGraver.  The control of these great tools is well known to engravers that use your equipment, but there is more to it then that.  When I sit down to engrave and pick up this beautiful tool, you just feel better that you are using the best piece of equipment for the job at hand.  My engraving, and I am sure the engraving of other artists has improved using the "Lindsay AirGraver".  I use the "Chasing" and the "Classic", and have found that with these two tools I can do just about every job that comes my way with precise cuts and control.  Working in soft gold, silver, brass and the harder steels, the airgraver handle these metal with the greatest of ease.  Thanks again for your great service, and your contribution to the artists who engrave.
Jack Gohn, Lee-Joyce Designs

Dear Steve, I've never taken the time to say thank you for such a wonderful tool that you have provided to the trade. Myself and my two sons Jason and Jared enjoy using it very much. Of course they each have their own AirGraver. I have such a love for bright cutting and use it all the time for this fine art. It so gracefully cuts through my white gold and yellow gold and platinum plates so easily and so exacting that I never cut off any prongs regardless how fine and tiny they are. I have done bright cutting so fine that I've had to get a loop just to look at the prongs and the fine diamond cuts between them and the stones, as with the naked eye you could not see this fine of work. And to finish it all off I put my millgrain tool in my airgraver and open the 3 holes on the side for more power and WOW!!!!, what a beautiful finish on my customers piece. I have customers (Jewelry Stores) that tell me that my bright cutting is the best that they've ever seen. I can bright cut for hours and never will my hands or fingers get tired. I use to get the conventional engravers so sharp and shinney that I could easily cut my thumb or finely slice it so many times that I couldn't feel it but I knew something was wrong as my thumb felt mushy. Guess What? Not once with the airgraver have I sliced or cut any fingers. Ha, Ha. What a relief for me. Our next venture is to go to a hand engraving school for one week next spring so we can further expand our skills and widen out in our trade. Thank you again for sharing your life with all of us in this beautiful trade. Your friend,
Dennis J. Fiedler

As a beginning engraver I can honestly say that Steve’s Classic Airgraver is helping make me a better engraver. The Airgraver’s adjustability is a big advantage. It can go from ultra fine lines operating on a whisper of air to hogging metal with the twist of the air adjustment ring. The tool operates smoothly and precisely at all pressure settings and length of stroke adjustments. It does all this in a small package and is very comfortable in the hand. After 10 minutes of use I knew I chose the right tool. The Airgraver is expertly machined and has a very high level of fit and finish. It’s such a nice tool you don’t want to put it down. Steve’s attention to detail shows in this tool. Also, the service I have received from Steve has been nothing short of exceptional. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend the Airgraver to anyone without reservation.
Shawn Swafford

I use the Lindsay Classic Air Graver to cut stainless etc. in both guns and knives. The tool works like a dream. I use the Lindsay carbalt gravers. It cuts through stainless easily. I have used the other equipment before and it doesn't hold a candle to the Air Graver. The sensitivity of the AirGraver can't be matched.
Otto Carter  Artist Website

The AirGraver is in my opinion the best and I have tried the others. I have not found anything I could not cut with my Classic and Lindsay carbalt tools from the finest of lines to background removal and inlaying precious metals all with one handpiece no problem. P.S. Steve is wonderful for support and advise.
Tom White 

I have been using Steve's equipment ( the classic ) for a long time now with out no problems . I do a lot of deep relief engraving and gold inlaying in firearms.  I am using the CLASSIC air graver for everything.  When I had the other co's equipment I needed 3 different hand pieces.
Ron Nott

Buying all sorts of pneumatic devices off eBay, trying to cobble something together, I've wasted a fair amount of money trying to get some power assistance behind my efforts to push engrave. - I should have saved my money instead of buying this that and the other and slowly moving up the chain - I should have bought your machine straight off - I love it! The total feel of quality is outstanding - in manufacture and use.
Mostyn Jones

Steve, A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who is a knifemaker and engraver here in Phoenix, Bill Cheatham, invited me over to his house to play around with his pneumatic Brand X engraving machine for a couple of hours.  It was OK and I enjoyed it but I didn't have anything to compare it with so ignorance was bliss but the thought crossed my mind, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I thought the brand X was a little difficult to work with but again, what did I know?  Well, when I got the AirGraver all hooked up and put a piece of practice steel in the vise within one inch of my crude engraving I said WOW, what a difference between the AirGraver and Brand X.  It was so much smoother and it seemed to cut the steel like butter.  I now said to myself, I know I can do this.  Within 5 minutes my engraving was 100% better with the AirGraver than two hours on the Brand X.  Now keep in mind, I'm a rank amateur but the difference was so obvious only an idiot couldn't tell the distinct superiority of the AirGraver.  Bill Cheatham came by the store yesterday to see and tryout the "AirGraver."  One hour later, I had to almost drag him away and he engraved an entire 2"x2" practice piece of steel with really nice scrolling.  To say he was impressed with the AirGraver would be an understatement.  He liked everything about it.  I'm into my fourth day and practice for 2-3 hours a day.  I'm doing OK with basic simply scrolls and take Julie Warenski's advice to heart - practice, practice and more practice.  I say this with all sincerity, there's no engraver on the planet who is using Brand X who wouldn't switch to an AirGraver after five minutes of using it.  I'm glad I did a little research before I bought and your testimonial's on the website made the difference for me.  In addition, I emailed some of those people who I knew and they of course reinforced my ultimate decision.  Thomas Lansing -- Note: For the past 20 years Mr. Lansing built the business Classic Guns and Knives.  "Classic Guns and Knives" has one of the largest inventories of custom knives and guns in America from some of the most renowned makers.  A unique blend of custom and production knives as well as modern, antique, and military weapons.


Steve, When I ordered a Lindsay AirGraver handpiece I seriously wondered if I would detect any perceptible difference from my current engraving system with their newest handpiece. Heck, I had an air operated engraving set up, seemed foolish, even made me feel sort of guilty to order another one.  Steve, If you don't have any of your competitor's tools in your shop I recommend you acquire some. If you want to put a smile on your face use some of your competitor's products.  You sure will appreciate your own AirGraver creation and I guarantee the experience will keep you from taking it for granted.  Thank you for making these available. Many years ago I used to take Triumph's and BSA's into the woods. Loved'em had a lot of fun.  Fought my way around with those 400 pound beasts for maybe 6 or 7 years before I bought a made special for the woods Japanese trail bike---couldn't believe the difference.  Yes, your AirGraver handpiece is that much different. 
William Thomas
 Engraving Hobbyist
Six weeks later, after receiving a Chasing AirGraver handpiece: 
Steve, I am delighted with this Chasing handpiece too. Remember originally I was looking for a tool that would lay down fine lines closely spaced for shading.  I had stopped trying to use a power handpiece when shading. "Veining" leaves was no problem but to create closely spaced fine lines, for varying shades of "gray" I required a push palm graver. Whereas the push palm cut lines are the look I am after and can be tightly spaced my technique is not up to the task. A leaf or a stem will be coming along just like I want and then bam I slip and cross over a near by line or even skid off the image.  The Classic handles emphasis and shading cuts I did not even attempt with the old air max system. Control has never been easier, I can go as slow as I chose, stop on a dime and recut a previously cut line to increase the emphasis without it being visible.  Last night I kept switching back and forth between the Chasing and the Classic with each section of the pattern I was cutting.  Other than the power varying they both share the same qualities that makes them so terrific to work with.  I will be keeping both the Classic and the Chasing handpieces. If I had to choose one over the other --probably based on the longer time I have been using the Classic I would chose it as the "one".  But I was smiling with how I was laying really tightly spaced fine lines with the Chasing. Real or imagined if I want a really shallow but "crisp" line it was easier for me with the Chasing.   Note, just before I stopped for the night I mounted a knife graver I had ground for the other system's handpiece and which had proved to be way too fragile---totally impractical---when I wasn't putting too much side pressure and breaking the tip the heel angle seemed to just wear longer and longer until I wasn't able to turn except long sweeps. Now if I want jet black I can crowd deep narrow lines.  Sold my other engraving system on ebay.  The check for this Chasing handpiece goes in the mail tomorrow.
William Thomas

Hi Steve,  I just though I would take some time to let you know that the AirGraver is working.  It is great.   I like how gentle and then how much power you can get from this small hand piece.  I can go from fine line bulino shading and then all the way up to a powerful tool for deep relief engraving and then to gold inlaying, just with one tool.  Thanks
Ron Nott

Steve, The AirGraver is working well and I wanted to show you my latest work. Remember I have only been at this for 8 months.  I am enjoying what I am doing.  Here are pictures of the latest.  I still think your AirGraver is the best.  
Tom White, Prescott Valley, AZ
Click here to visit Tom White's web site

 I would like to take a minute to congratulate you on an outstanding AirGraver.  I have used it for a few weeks now and find it gives much more control than my old system.  My old system is like a sewing machine for the first time.  You know, you press the pedal and the machine takes off in any direction.  Your machine goes where I want it to go.  Below are some pictures of the spurs I am making using the AirGraver system.  Thanks again for a great system.
 Howie Maxwell, Spur maker and Engraver


After using the other mechanical handpieces, I returned to the traditional hand graver.   On learning of the Lindsay AirGraver and using it, I have realized that it made work easier and quality better.  I won't be returning to any other handpiece or traditional graver.
Ken Hurst
Ken Hurst has been a gun engraver 40 years.   He was a Colt custom shop master engraver and was listed as a Winchester custom shop engraver by Bruno Pardee (former Winchester custom shop mgr.) Ken Hurst also started the engraving school at Montgomery Tech. Inst in Troy , N.C.  

Just had to let you know that I set up your Classic AirGraver yesterday and I have only had a short time to use it but this little gem of a tool is incredible. Just fantastic! So much more control that the other leading brand that I have been using. Also quieter, less vibration, better size and adjustment is so easy. An absolute dream to use. 
Glenn Waters

Glenn Waters is a skilled knifemaking artist from Japan. He has won numerous best of knife show awards in the USA and Japan.  He is one of 23 featured artists in the book "Art and Design in Modern Folders" that is to be released early in 2003.  This book will be a high quality Art book featuring 23 of the world's finest knifemaking artists.

To the right is one of Glenn's work of art.  Visit Glenn's Web Site


Wahoo!  Well I received the AirGraver on Saturday and haven't put it down since!  Steve, it is so beautiful!! Both to work with and just in and of itself.  I had some _big_ lockets (2 1/2") on my bench waiting to be engraved and
without even practicing I started cutting the scrolls with the pre-sharpened square that came with the AirGraver. WOW.
It took me no time at all to get used to.
David Davidse

This Chasing AirGraver is a real little wonder.  She's young and groovy, with a vibrant personality . She's has a nice heart beat meant for the hands of the master and yet still perform like a pro even in the paws of a neophyte like me .
Hummm....Sorry .........!  It's kind of ..... In the French  nature to give a sex to anything they touch .....I mean talk about .......Whatever .....You know what I mean.  :)   
Jose C. de Braga

Jose is far from a beginner.  He is an artist in every sense of the word.   He can sculpture like Wow!   To the right is his work on an ivory knife handle.     Visit Jose's web site. 

I have cut a few scroll patterns on practice plates and this AirGraver is a dream. So smooth and easy to handle it is a pleasure to hold and use.  I noticed there is little or no recoil or vibration, this is great. 
Tom White

As a banjo maker, most of my engraving up until now has been in mother of pearl--I'm a newcomer to metal engraving.  I've always used push gravers on pearl--it didn't seem like a powered graver would really offer much of an advantage on a material that engraves as easily as pearl does.  Wrong!  What I've found is that the AirGraver allows me to do more accurate cuts and is even allowing me to do clean shading that I didn't think I could do on pearl without a lot of chipping and flaking.  The quick change feature is making it easy to go between my 90 degree and 120 degree gravers, and with the level of control I'm getting from the AirGraver, I've stopped using the liners for shading that I had always used in the past.

I started using a microscope for engraving last year--between it and the AirGraver my work has improved beyond what I had ever thought possible.  Thanks again!
David Ball    Banjo maker, building mostly in the style of the 1890s Boston makers-- Most of his engraving is on pearl, but some brass, German silver and silver engraving on various metal banjo parts.

My newest Lindsay AirGraver arrived several days ago and I must say that once again I'm impressed, this time even more so then usual. Currently I own 4 of the Lindsay gravers and each has performed extremely well.
Adone Pozzobon  Hand Engraving Artist

Adone Pozzobon has written numerous reviews on the EngravingArts website about the AirGravers and other hand engraving tools.
Lindsay AirGraver review #1
Lindsay AirGravers Concise Review #2
Lindsay Ultimate AirGraver Concise Review #3

AirGravers after long term usage by Adone T. Pozzobon

    The Ultimate Classic AirGraver arrived.  I am astonished at the small size.  After reading the directions and getting it set up I started on a practice plate.  Everything that has been said about these AirGravers is correct, within an hour I was cutting away with control that I could not believe.  I turned down the tool pressure to 10 PSI and it cuts steel like butter. I am sure the graver you supplied and sharpened has something to do with it too.  To say that I am happy is the under statement of the century.
Dave London

     I spent three hours with the Classic AirGraver.  First hour poring over the instructions, about ten minutes mounting the control unit and checking how everything went together - and then I was off... Pretty neat idea, including a sharp carbide graver!  Didn't even need to find a wrench to get one out of a collet from my old engraving machine.  Just stuck it in and started.  After about half an hour of play, tweaking the controls to see how everything worked - I was cutting like I used to when I was a puppy!  Amazing difference from the clunky stuff I'd been using.
     There is a saying "Them that can, do - them that can't, teach".  After this experience, I believe I "can" once again!
     In the past couple of hours, I cannot believe the difference! It's like the microscope giving you a new pair of eyes.  Your machine has given me back what I thought I'd lost forever - perfect control..
Brian P. Marshall    Jewelry Art School,  Marshall Studios
Additional feedback concerning AirGraver delivery & service by Brian Marshall

    I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with my recent purchase of one of your Air Chasing Gravers. I originally purchased it because I wanted to do more Bulino style engraving and also because I had read so many good comments about it on the Engraver's Forum and also the review by Mr. Pozzobon. I have been engraving with a hammer and chisel for eight years and all of my Banknote engraving is done with traditional push gravers.   I wanted the ACG to help me shorten up the enormous amount of time it takes to do a Bulino scene with my handgravers. Well, I must say this tool is AWESOME! It is not limited to fine line work at all, in fact, I now do the majority of my engraving with it. I have tried other pneumatic gravers on the market and could never get used to the feel of the hand pieces or the fact that they made my hand go numb from the vibration. Your AirGraver was such and easy transition for me because it feels exactly like my hand gravers. The difference between your tool and the others on the market is astounding. It cuts so smooth and vibration free. Your Air Chasing Graver is clearly the Rolls Royce of the engraving industry and has set the standard by which all others will be judged.  After I received it, I couldn't help but take it apart and find out how it works.  I was surprised at how simple the design is but at the same time I was overwhelmed by the incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the production of this little jewel. It is about as close to engineering perfection as I have ever seen. You have given the engraving community a wonderful gift by offering these tools for sale, Steve, Thank you very much,
Don Patch  

Mr. Patch was a custom gunsmith for 13 years before becoming an engraver. He specializes in high quality bulino game scenes as well as all types of scroll and precious metal inlays. Mr. Patch can reproduce any of the styles of factory gun engraving. He was fortunate to have lived near Lynton Mckenzie and his engraving was greatly influenced by him.  Mr. Patch is also a member of the Firearms Engravers Guild.

donpatch.jpg (18703 bytes)

Below are photos of Don Patch's exquisite engraving work.


I set up the Chasing AirGraver handpiece and played with it today.  It is FABULOUS!!!!!!  This is such a FANTASTIC handpiece!!!  I am finally having fun engraving again!!  It is so much smoother and cleaner cutting than what I've been working with.  I just had to tell you how impressed I am with this!
Julie Warenski
Just have to say again...I am LOVING this handpiece!!!!  I can see how it will make my work so much cleaner and easier.  It really does help to have the best equipment.
Julie Warenski
 Warenski Engraving and Knives

Julie Warenski is one of a few renowned engravers. 

julie01.jpg (15126 bytes)
Engraver: Julie Warenski,   Knifemaker: Willie Rigney Jr.,    Photographer: PointSeven Studios

julie02.jpg (36160 bytes)
Engraver: Julie Warenski,   Knifemaker: Steven Rapp,    Photographer: PointSeven Studios

julie03.jpg (21702 bytes)

After 9 months and approx. 1400 hours of engraving with the Chasing AirGraver, I wanted you to know how happy I am with this marvelous tool. This last rifle engraving proves just how well it performs. This gun had some sections that were deeply cut, the steel itself was of average hardness not like the last rifle which was work hardened 4140, that rifle was also engraved exclusively with the Chasing AirGraver and even with it's hardened areas I still engraved the whole job without issues.

Yesterday I adjusted the AirGraver to it's longest stroke with the large piston, which is what I've been using on the guns at 20 psi. With the longest stroke, I almost had too much power for this medium hard rifle steel. I preferred the smoothness of a mid to short stroke distance as it feels smooth in my hand while cutting. I also found I was cutting very deep with lots of power and didn't need so much for the job so I reverted back to a short stroke with large piston, no psi changes were made as it performed perfectly.

Many engravers would require several years to amass as many hours as I have in 9 short months and I put gravers through some pretty aggressive tasks, at times on very hard metals, I've even tested the AirGraver on non commercial grade titanium and that's a task I feel engravers need not experience with any graver. I also do a lot of fine detailed work, micro shading... where hairline accuracy and control are required. I'm never going back to my previous pnuematic gravers! :)

Steve I can't thank you enough for this excellent air graver, you've really designed a wonderful tool!!!!
Adone Pozzobon

I finally set the Chasing AirGraver up today, and had a chance to play around with it a little bit. Very impressive. Metal cuts like butter.   I'll be using it for stone setting today in 18k yellow.  I'll be in touch.

The white gold piece I made on Saturday went well. A piece of cake, really. Guess what. You're not getting this hand piece back. I guess now I need to get a microscope to fully realize the potential of my new toy. Also, within the next year I might order an omega.

Andy DeMarco
Bailey Banks & Biddle - World Renowned Jewelers Since 1832

Hi Steve,  I  hope everything is going well, thought I would drop you a line telling you how much I like my Classic AirGraver. To say I like it would be a lie I not only like it I don't know how I would do without it.  It is by far the best system I have ever used and anyone serious about engraving would be smart to look in to buying one.  I have used every system out there and have been engraving for over 25 years and feel qualified to say this.  As you know I engrave everything from firearms to steel dies that are hardened when I get them .  The AirGraver has taken it all in stride, it has gone from deep cut to banknote without fail time and time again.   I personally think it is the greatest contribution to engraving since high speed steel. I can't wait to receive the light Chasing AirGraver handpiece .

Once again thanks for sharing such a great tool.  

Bill Grencavich, Pennsylvania
P.S. Anyone living near me who would like to try mine is more than welcome. Ph 570-788-1382

Photos of some of Bill's work
Grencavich01.jpg (23108 bytes)
:Grencavich02.jpg (16524 bytes)
Grencavich03.jpg (13673 bytes)


Below is an AirGraver engraving example by Arne Garnes.  This engraving was done with  a round bottom graver.  It doesn't show the effect as well in this photograph but the engraving is essentially a 3d sculpture using a round bottom graver and is beautiful to reflect in the light.  Arne Garnes, Skien Norway


Being an engraver it is of tremendous importance to have the very best tool there is.  My goal is to enjoy and have fun when I engrave, and your air tool certainly gave me both.  I have never before tested anything like it, and I was very impressed with the certainty the tool responded to the throttle.  I, of course engrave under a Zeiss microscope, and as you can see on  the steel sample I sent you, the air graver did what it was supposed to.  The sample was the first I engraved with the tool, and I saved about 25% time spent, compared to my other engraving tools.  I will be happy to tell other engravers, hobby or full time, about this "little wonder".
Bertil G. Aasland

Here in Norway it is spring right now, and the snow has almost melted away, still on the mountain tops though. It is getting warm and nice outside.  Since I bought your Air Chasing Graver in September 2000, I have been practicing after work, I have tried to sit down for a couple of hours with my new hobby. My family has also learned how to cook their own dinner :-) ( I feel like a lousy wife and mother sometimes, but just for a second or two, it passes quickly. :-D )  The local blacksmith provide me with knife blades to practice with, they are from 6 to 10 cm long, and I try to keep close to our traditionally rose painting style. This is familiar to me, and therefore easier for me to draw/engrave in the beginning. Have bought the book from Meek, tried to read it, takes some time though, reading English is not what I do every day.  I do not know of any other engravers close to me ( living kind of far away from any city ), and all there is to compare with, I have found on the internet, in gunsmith stores and in books, and you all are so good. It's a long way to go, I know, and a lot of hours of practicing, but there is no way I will give up this. This is so fun !! I have not experimented much with all the different adjustments on the tool yet, just kept the adjustment mostly the way you have done. Have to take one thing at the time, and decided to find out some basics on how to engrave simple patterns first. I send you a picture of one of my knife blades, This is number seven I engraved.

anne_thumb.jpg (7472 bytes)
Click on the picture to enlarge.

Sending you a big hug for creating such a tool.

Big smile from
Anne Bjornstad, Norway
Anne's Corner

Interesting thing I learned tonight :) I started on this Colt auto tonight and I cut one entire small design, in that little area behind the grooves to pull the slide back, on this tougher steel with the Classic and the graver didn't break once!!! And I was using my old brittle carbide gravers!!! So, the only conclusion I can come to is that your tools cut so much smoother helping prevent tool breakage with better speeds than other companies handpieces:) If I was using theirs I know I would have had to re-sharpen several times. The more I use your tools the more I like them:) That carbide mix gravers of yours ought to last just about forever in your tools.  Will keep you posted.
Tim Herman, Knifemaker/Engraver
review by Tim Herman

When I first saw the Air graver on Lindsay's web site, I just knew it was "right". It had the right look and now that I have one I know it has the right feel as well. If I were to make an impact tool for engraving it wouldn't be shaped like a Cuban cigar with a bit stuck in the end of it, and twice as long. It would look like Lindsay's masterpiece. Not to knock anyone else's equipment but to best explain what I mean, go look at the apparatus on the market that runs off a flex shaft for instance and compare it to the Air graver. Now which one would you rather have your fist around trying to cut intricate detail? I thought so, and I rest my case. If anyone thinks it may be too small for anything but a light blow, let me say this. I took a roughly shaped blank and cut some half-hard brass with it. I wanted to see how deep it would cut with full throttle so I poured the coal to it and aimed it south. I had a hole dug half way to china before I got my foot off the gas pedal.

It purrs like a kitten in your hand at idle ready to make your cuts look great, even if you've never engraved much before. I'm a beginner engraver that grew up in a machine shop and I must say that this is without a doubt, the most ingenious and incredible piece of precision machinery I have ever had my hands on. I have used the flex shaft tool a few times and I own a self contained impact tool from another company, and now this Classic Air graver all of which do a good job. But then again, a Pinto or a Cadillac will both get you to town; which one would you rather drive? The Air graver is my favorite by a country mile! Like I said, It's just "Right".
T. Wells
Buckley, WA

I wish to say that the tool does everything that I had hoped it would do and more. I'm very impressed although I can't say that I'm surprised. You are not charging enough for this tool....that's right, I can say this , ...I have mine now. A handmade tool of this caliper, with this kind of high tolerance and fit/finish is worth at least as much as the production made impact engraving tool made by other companies. When I happened on to your website and saw that you were selling them I couldn't believe it. When I saw the price I knew I would have one....I had to hurry before you changed your mind or something. The more I have thought about it I probably would have found the money to pay $1500 or more. It is a rare item. Ain't gonna get it cheaper any where else.
Andrew Shinosky
Engraver/Knifemaker/Tool and Die Maker

Black Auto collage_thumb.jpg (15266 bytes)

andydagger.jpg (10935 bytes)

Steve, Here are some shots of some rings that I cut with the Classic AirGraver. The platinum one has a total of 6 carats. The other ring with the 5 princess diamonds is the wedding band to match this engagement ring.
Ricky Low

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Mvc-001sTHUMB.jpg (11514 bytes)
Mvc-002sTHUMB.jpg (6273 bytes)

Mvc-011s THUMB.jpg (9773 bytes)Mvc-001fTHUMB.jpg (13953 bytes)

Steve, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Omega handpiece you sent is nothing short of spectacular !!  I have never owned a mechanical handpiece that could even touch the one you sent me.  From the very first day , I have had no problems using this tool and I must say I am more than impressed.   There is virtually no vibration in the handpiece , it is very quite and doesn't run away with you --- that is , I control it, it doesn't try to control me.  Also I would like to let you know that chipped points seem to be a thing of the past which I guess goes to the ultra high cyclic rate of operation that you can adjust this handpiece to.  The adjustments are so finite that it can be easily adjusted to any situation for precision cutting.  I doubt that I will ever go back to the old hand gravers I've been using for the past 40 years of engraving firearms.  Please let me know if you develop anymore products.  If you do and they make life as easy as this handpiece does, you'll have another sale!!  Thanks again for a great labor and frustration saving tool, wish I had one years ago.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to do quality work. It won't make anyone an engraver but it sure makes becoming one a lot easier.
After using the other mechanical handpieces, I returned to the traditional hand graver. On learning of the Lindsay tool and using it, I have realized that it made work easier and quality better.  I won't be returning to any other handpiece or traditional graver.
Best regards, 
Ken Hurst
Note: Ken Hurst was a Colt custom shop master engraver and was listed as a Winchester custom shop engraver by Bruno Pardee (former Win. custom shop mgr.) Ken Hurst also started the engraving school at Montgomery Tech. Inst in Troy , N.C.

I have been engraving for 25 years, originally with traditional methods, and later with mechanical devices as they came out, on a very eclectic mixture of items from sterling buckle sets to knives and guns to platinum, silver, and gold jewelry. I have owned and used virtually every type made at one time or other and I have to say that the Omega is the finest engraving tool I have ever used. In my opinion it out performs the 'other' most popular pneumatic out there as it has equal power to their strongest hand piece in a package 1/2 the size and can also cut the very finest of cuts with the utmost precision whereas the 'other' system's low end power is not as delicate and would require switching to another hand piece in order to compare in delicacy of execution. With this tool, I can go from executing bold, heavy cuts in one area to fine, light shading in another area and not have to switch handpieces, and the fineness of control it has is incredible.  It has the feel of a traditional graver in your hand as you hold it which is also very nice and this makes it similar to control to the traditional tools which have been used for centuries in this art form because of this control. The Omega is a very well made tool and you can recognize just by looking at it the amount of detail put into it's construction. Very Nice!
Ricky Low

rickMvc-006s.jpg (50408 bytes)
rickMvc-003s.jpg (62103 bytes)
rickMvc-011s.jpg (29761 bytes)
Notice the synthetic rubies set in the bicycle engraved rims.

Car Rims


Well I've finally gotten a chance to work with the new Air Chasing Graver and it is really wonderful.  It took me a while to get it set up and actually start engraving since it's a totally new system, but I think there's no going back.... 
Rob & Tira Mitchell Professional custom hand engraving of any image on any surface.

The Air Chasing Graver is marvelous!  I grabbed a piece of mild steel and put it through some basic tests with your default settings, I'm impressed, hands down it gives me so much more control than before and raises far less of a bur during heavier cutting than my other engraving impact tool does, this means no more push graver cleanup for me. Control wise I noticed a big big improvement, I tried some fine shading and I have to tell you that I can now see why your shading is so uniformed, the little tests I did for shading produced a far more uniformed result. I'm so pleased with your Chasing Graver and I haven't even really put it through all its paces yet. I don't even think I will need to adjust anything really since it seems to cut very nicely for heavier cuts as well as finer ones.
Additional feedback of the AirGravers after long term usage by Adone T. Pozzobon
Adone T. Pozzobon

  View more pictures of this piece at Engraving Arts Web site

The Air Graver is a beautiful piece of precision machinery.   I cannot believe how smoothly it operates and how it is able to operate at such a low air pressure.  I really like it and can eagerly recommend it to anyone looking for a high precision reciprocating graver.
Larry Ott

I have been engraving with air engraving tools for about five years.   They have worked quite well but have never really handled like the hand push gravers I use for sqecial effects on my custom jewelry.  I received the "Lindsay Air Chasing Graver" and was pleased to find that this graver gave me that control and feel fo the hand graver.  The Lindsay Graver has done every cut I have put before it with great ease.  The control is what I like the most, plus its size. 

I have found it to be a great tool for wax carving.  If you are into "Lost Wax Casting" and create your own wax models, you should try this tool.   You will love it. 

I find the air graver to be very quiet. The other hand engraving machines I have used have a lot more noise.  My bright cutting  has improved at least 50% right off the bat. I love the way it starts to cut, and the control over the cut is just great.

Thanks Steve for a great air graver.
Lee-Joyce Designs Inc. 
Jack Gohn

The Air Chasing Graver seems wonderfully small, perfectly balanced and fits nicely in my hand. Much better than other gravers which seem too big! You seem to be the only one in the whole industry who has noticed this!
Jean D Parus


I can see by using the Lindsay Graver, on its preset settings,  that it is wonderful for very fine line engraving.  The power is there, too, for bright cuts and script.  I can see that it will enable me to have more control.  The tool has so many possibilities for adjustment.  It is going to take me awhile to fully learn to use the tool.  So far, I'm happy with the tool's performance and am sure I'll have many good years using it.  Also, a BIG PLUS:   My noisy air compressor did not come on once while I was using the tool.
Sandy Malloy
Malloy Gunsmithing

The tool is working very well for me.  I have been doing mostly ribbon cut script monograms, and they look a good deal better than before.  I am able to cut finer lines, and smoother bright cuts than I could with the hammer and chisel, or even with a hand pushed burin.  I'm looking forward to doing two family crest projects that are upcoming, as well as a knife bolster.  In my practice sessions, the scrollwork is much easier, faster, and smoother, in form as well as character of cut.   I used to have a problem with roughness on the edge of the cut in really tight spots on scrollwork, but not with your tool.  I am really excited about the possibilities for continued quality improvement, because of what your tool will allow me to do.  The only problem is that now I have an increasingly difficult to resist impulse to get a microscope!  Patience will prevail, however.
Tom McArdle 
Note: Mr. McArdle is the teacher of the
On-Line Engraving School

It looks like the Air Chasing Graver is working out just fine. I am doing my best engraving I have ever done with this new engraver. The control is what I believe is giving me good cuts.     
Jack Gohn
Lee-Joyce Designs Inc.

From the preset settings I can produce a cut so fine that it is equivalent to the lightest touch of a push graver, so much so that the lightest cut is barely visible by eye. The fabulous part of the Chasing Graver is that I can now go from a standard cut to the finest imaginable cut with no adjustment. I simply love that. Also I think its just fabulous the way it cuts, unlike other impact engraving tools which raised a lot of burs, your unit cuts so well that there are no burrs. That's so cool!!!
T. Pozzobon

I am a beginning engraver, and I have been very impressed with the Air Chaser Graver. It is easy to use and adjust and very versatile. As a tool maker professionally I appreciate the simplicity of a well designed tool and the workmanship that is evident in this tool.
Charlie Driver
Tool and Die Maker

charliegun2_thumb.jpg (13495 bytes)

Yes, I did receive the tool on Friday.  I had to sort of chase the postman for it as I had to sign for it.  I set it up this morning and it's AWESOME. Cuts smooth with incredible control.  Really a sweet tool.  Nice work. Will report back later with more. thanks
Kevin Casey

I was playing with the tool again this just purrs in your hand waiting to go.....nothing like the feel of quality....
Andrew Shinosky
Engraver/Knifemaker/Tool and Die Maker

Note: The below feedback is from the engraver Barry Trindle with his first response after trying an earlier prototype of the tool in 1999.  He has a variety of other engraving tools. The earlier Air Chasing Graver prototype he was using did not have the length of stroke mechanism. Instead it was supplied to him with several weighted pistons. They were fixed to not quite the longest stroke of the adjustment mechanism in the current Air Chasing Gravers...although one of the small pistons may have been set to about mid point.

"I got the handpiece hooked up directly to the air source tonight and did a little cutting in a chunk of 416. This is 1/4" 416 clamped in the 50 lb ball so it is very nice to cut. I tried all 4 pistons. The heavy ones really hit hard! I was taking a heavier cut than I usually do just to see what it will do. Wow! You could plow with it! It has much more power than I need for lines but I want to try it on background with a wide flat, should really be the deal for that. Amazing anything so small can hit so hard. I tried the small pistons and I really like them, they give me a much higher impact rate than my other impact tools. Judging by the sound your tool is running nearly twice the speed of my other tools with the light pistons. For me, high impact speed reduces tool breakage and makes smoother cuts."
Barry Trindle







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